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Dear Festividder,

First of all, this is, as is sadly usual for me, shamefully late, and I am so sorry!

Second of all, I am SO excited about this! If we matched on any of the below, I am SO sure you will make something I will love! If you have ideas already, please do go forth and run with what you have! :D BUT if you want help, I hope the below provides it! Don't let it hold you back though. :D


I adore Taylor Swift, Dar Williams, Vienna Teng, Emeli Sande's 'Our Version of Events', Sia, musicals, and female vocalists/singer/song-writers in general. HOWEVER I *also* adore being introduced to new music via vids. The most important thing is that the song be right for the fandom/character/vid, and seriously, some of my best beloved music has come to me through vids soooo...surprise me! :D


I am kind of all about the ladies, as my fandom list may indicate, so women kicking ass vids always go down well with me. However, so do shippy vids, character studies, silly vids, funny vids, cute vids. Team feelings vids are also a good bet.

Annie (2014) [SAFETY]

I ADORED this movie last year, it's just so adorable, and such a fitting remake for the present day. Anything you want to go with here would be lovely, but like, an Annie character study, if there's footage enough, or a Grace Farrell one, or maybe something about Annie and all the other foster girls. This would be a great one for team feels, or girls kicking ass as well, or just something cute and funny showcasing what a delight this movie is.

IF you wanted to, I would be tickled to see a vid that showed various other Annies, like the original movie, or the 90s one with Victor Garber, or stage shows, but that is really only if the spirit moves you, it's the 2014 movie I want to see vidded most. <3


OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW. Again, I would be so happy with anything here, but my particular favourites are Boo, Michelle, and Sasha. And Fanny. Like, I would take a character study of any of them, co-character studies of any mix of them, anything you fancied. I would also be completely delighted with a vid focusing on dancing itself, what it means to any of them, to the community, what the studio means to them all. I have a lot of feelings about dance and community and found family which is why this show works so well for me. Something that captures the adorableness of the show woudl be lovely. I ship Michelle/Fanny, if you wanted to vid that, likewise Boo/Sasha. An ensemble vid would also be lovely. Oh god, I would be so happy to get anything in this fandom, really. <3

Grace and Frankie

God, this show is a delight. I feel so repetitive cuz I keep saying anything but really, any vid for this show would be a delight. I particularly hanker after comedy in keeping with the tone of the show, if that can be vidded, but again, character studies, or sad vids about what they've all lost, or something cute about the whole extended family they've made for themselves.

Also, while watching this I literally yelled 'POLYAMOURY IS THE SOLUTION HERE!!!!' at the screen till I was blue in the face, so if you can somehow vid THAT, that'd be amazing.

I would prefer a focus on Grace and Frankie rather than the dudes, if possible. Like all 4 of them is def OK, so long as the focus is evenly split.

Jam and Jerusalem

Oh my god THIS SHOW. Um. I know I'm a a broken record, but honestly, anything. A team vid about all the ladies, a Sal character study, a Tip character study, a Sal and her kids/family vid, a community/found family vid, a comedy/shenanigans vid, something quiet and lovely about just getting on with things and the small moments in life, the possibilities of what would make me happy are just endless. Seriously, I just want this fandom to have more vids.

(One thing on music, Kate Rusby did a LOT of music for the show, I strongly associate her music with it, so that would be a cool thing. BUT. So would something totally different, so don't feel bound by this at all!!)

Jem and the Holograms

Eee, this is such a childhood favourite of mine. I have no clear idea what I would like out of a vid, just something colourful. :D I feel like Taylor Swift might be fun for this, or something equally extremely pop-y. Something about the rivalry between Jem and the Holograms, the Misfits and the Stingers might be fun, or just a massive team feels vid, whether you define team as the band, or the band and the Starlight girls, or a Jem/Jerrica character study. Something celebrating/gently mocking how ridiculous the show is maybe?

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (2012)

This show is just so visually gorgeous I want there to be more vids of it! Again, I love the whole team, so that would be awesome. Something about how Phryne empowers other women would also be incredible, ditto a Phryne character study vid. Or, I do ship Phryne/Jack QUITE a lot. Something on the found family aspect of this show would also be lovely. (Found families: a theme in Cleo's feelings, in shocking news.) Oh, as I said at the start, this show is beautiful, so something showcasing that would be cool too.

She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985)

This one sort of goes with Jem and the Holograms on my childhood favourites list. I also have no clear idea what I want here. She-Ra herself, and Adora are my favourites, also Swift Wind/Spirit.

As ever, team feels/all the awesome ladies on this show kicking butt/found family all apply.

Actually, one thing I do adore about this show is it actually has quite a serious backstory with the rebellion, so something focusing on that might be cool?

Wonder Woman (2009) [SAFETY]

OK, turns out I couldn't sign up for Festivids and NOT request this. So many lovely vids have come out of Festivids for this fandom, and yet, I still want MORE. I just love her so much, there are so many things I would be happy with. I don't know that there's the footage, but something about her relationship with Hippolyta and the other Amazons would delight my heart, likewise anything about her being the Big Damn Hero she is, or even all the incredible ways she's so compassionate and...ugh. Ahem. Er. Any kind of character study?

With this one, I know there's lots of other stuff available to use to bulk the vid out, which you should feel free to do, if you're so moved, but the movie itself has loads of excellent stuff all by itself.

My only request is I really don't want much (well, any) Steve Trevor in the vid, please, the less said about Nathan Fillion Steve Trevor the better, really. Sorry!


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