Nov. 26th, 2014

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OK, so, I'm making a vid. *coughs* (No, really!) (I mean, I have plans for several, but this one might actually have enough impetus to get made. ???)


It's a femslash vid, surprise! I want examples of reunions, making up, getting back together after a break. These can be canon (I'm thinking Imagine Me and You and its ilk, it's quite a genre with queer films), fix-its (it would be fairly easy to make a constructed reality version for HG and Myka from WH13 for example), other, and canon or subtext. Genderqueer and trans characters obv welcome, I quite like [community profile] femslashex's definition on that. I'd like it not to be blindingly white, and my media intake is not what it could be on that front, so recs appreciated.

No pairing is too obvious, I tend to get an amazing block when I think of these sorts of lists, so please just hit me with everything you can think of, and feel free to share around and send others my way.

I haven't decided whether to pick half a dozen and mirror/parallel them or just cram as much as I can in to the timeline, so I'd rather have a wide array to choose from.


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