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So in September 2013 Vienna Teng released a new album (you can listen to it for free on Bandcamp, and if you’re not familiar already I seriously cannot recommend it strongly enough), and I and a few of my friends went absolutely bananas over it. I at some point happened to noticed the section of my friend group that was collectively losing their shit over this album and the section of my friend group who were vidders intersected nicely, and there was quite a lot of discussion of vidding various tracks on twitter, which led me to An Idea.

I was really enjoying the album as a whole, which doesn't often happen to me, and I thought it would be cool if we could get enough people together who each wanted to vid one of the tracks and put together sort of a vid album.

I threw the idea out to a few people, and their response was gratifyingly enthusiastic. :D We managed to get everyone a song they were happy with and inspired by, I think, though we didn't *quite* manage to cover all 11 tracks without some doubling up, though we did get there! :D

We agreed pretty quickly that we'd much rather have it be across a range of fandoms, as that would make it more diverse. Plus, I think we'd have struggled to pick one common fandom!

Basically I am extremely lucky in knowing some very talented people, and we’d like to present our vid album.

Level Up by [personal profile] kaydeefalls, fandom: Sleepy Hollow.
In the 99 by [personal profile] cosmic_llin, fandom: The Hunger Games (Movies).
Landsailor by [personal profile] raven, fandom: Multi-fandom.
Close to Home by [personal profile] shinyjenni, fandom: Orphan Black.
The Hymn of Acxiom by [personal profile] beccatoria, fandom: Sleepy Hollow.
Oh Mama No by [personal profile] chaila, fandom: Wonder Woman.
Copenhagen (Let Me Go) by [personal profile] cosmic_llin, fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Flyweight Love by [personal profile] such_heights, fandom: Thor (Movies).
The Breaking Light by [personal profile] such_heights, fandom: Pacific Rim.
Never Look Away by [personal profile] purplefringe, fandom: Doctor Who (2005).
Goodnight New York by [personal profile] chaila, fandom: Bunheads.

ETA: So, some of us went to Nine Worlds Geekfest in August 2014 and wound up talking to the Daily Dot about the Project and why we think Vienna Teng is so popular with vidders, and they wrote a lovely article! Which Vienna Teng then linked to on her Facebook and Twitter! So that was pretty cool. :D

The Aims Vid Project (the "Project") has been created with material derived from Aims, a studio album recorded by Vienna Teng and released on 24 September 2013 (the "Original Work") under a Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) (the "Licence"). In the creation of the Project, changes have been made to the Original Work. In compliance with the terms of the Licence, we confirm that:

(i) the Project has not been, nor will be, used for or in connection with any commercial purpose; and

(ii) that the Project does not bear the endorsement of the licensor.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Project is itself distributed under the Licence (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) such that any further derivative work is licensed on identical terms to the Original Work.
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Title: Ready for the Storm
Fandom: Mass Effect trilogy
Character/Pairing: Jane Shepard
Music: Ready for the Storm - Dougie Maclean
Content notes: Nothing beyond what's in the games. Some explosions, physical triggers-wise, but not particularly fast cuts.
Summary: "The lighthouse will keep shining out." (Or, Shep is the bravest little toaster.)
Notes: Thank you so much to [personal profile] beccatoria for the clips, to [personal profile] shinyjenni for technical help and endlessly patient beta-ing, and [personal profile] walkthegale and [personal profile] cosmic_llin for beta-ing and cheerleading! <3
Spoilers: Very big ones for all 3 games!
Download: here (3:48, 135MB)
Also on: YouTube|AO3|Tumblr

Streaming and lyrics )
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So, IDK if you all knew this, but Wonder Woman has a movie now? :D?

I don’t even know how to begin talking about this, but my thoughts are still super loud so I’m going to have a go.

I really loved it? Which I’m so desperately relieved about because that was NOT a given? Like I went to see it by myself Thursday (well, after a LOT of dithering, [personal profile] shinyjenni and I went to the same showing but sat separately and went home separately so we could deal with our feelings at our own pace) and it was a REALLY SOLID CALL. It took me the better of Friday to work out how I felt about it, beyond relief I hadn’t just hated it outright.

I guess what I’m trying to say is the possibility that I could have an easy, straightforward response to this movie was pretty remote, and I was so wound up about actually seeing it, that I sort of forgot I would then...have seen it? And have to deal with my reactions? Which is ridiculous with hindsight, but there you go.

It did do some things I REALLY HATED, some things I sort of liked but wish had been handled differently, but also loads of things I loved, so I’m happy.

And I dunno, I’ve also quite abruptly hit this wall of “I can tease my little sister cuz we’re family, but you better back off” about criticism so, there’s that.


A lot, and I do mean A LOT, of words behind the cut. Full of spoilers. )

OK. I’m not actually sure I covered everything I wanted to but my head does feel a little quieter.
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Ok, clearly LJ is homophobic cuz it ATE SOME BITS. Anyway. (Actually, I think I just forgot to hit save one time and I was shutting firefox a lot in order to open VLC cuz my laptop doens't do both. ;))

Here we have the bits of Doctor Who - The Femslash Edition Wot LJ Ate plus the New Who Bits I've Already Got Plus [ profile] ionlylurkhere's Awesome Caps. :D Also, because I am nothing if not random, those pics from Tragical History Tour Too Awesome Not To Share.

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And here at the end, I tack on the random bits from Tragical History Tour Too Cool Not To Share. )


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