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Dear Rarely Written Author,

First of all, this is exciting! Some of the canons I requested are teeny-weeny so if you like them enough to offer them I feel like we should be friends! :D

Second of all, thank you so much for writing for me! I'm sure I will love anything you write me, but I've listed some yays and squicks below for you. If you have an idea that is outside the yays, that's fine, but I'd request you respect the squicks if at all possible, please.

Third of all, my AO3 username: [ profile] silly_cleo.

(I am just copy-pasting previous letters, fairly shamelessly.)

Squicks: I’m not the biggest fan of dark fic and angst, by which I mean a lot of angst and misery with no point to it, just as an end in and of itself. I think characters having difficulties and there being some sort of resolution or at least a bittersweet/hopeful outcome is fine, but unrelenting woe, less so. Incest is also a no for me, likewise rape and non-con/dubcon, and uneven power dynamics and emotional manipulation, abuse and violence. I’m not a huge fan of major character death either, at least for the stuff I’ve requested. I'm also not a fan of paedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia.

Yays: I love fluff, found families, particularly if it features unconventional family units and polyamoury. Always OT3s, never love triangles, etc. (On that note, I really hate cheating/being unfaithful if going the shippy fic route. I'll expand on this where it applies.) Basically, openness and communication are always better than miscommunications and shenanigans.

I also *love* hurt/comfort so much I can't even. Light on hurt, high on comfort. I am totally ridiculous with this trope.

And crossovers! Crossovers are great, as is humour/banter/silliness. I’m pretty happy with any rating. If you have the urge to write 1k of PWP, feel free. If that’s your thing, I guess go with whatever you see the characters as being into, though personally I end up reading stories featuring d/s and bondage. Probably I’m happier with the lower ratings though? But who knows, surprise me! I love backstory fic, character studies, gen fic, seeing how characters interact and what makes them friends/lovers/whatever they are to each other. Stuff that shows why they're close, being perceptive of each others' needs, small kindnesses, low-key hanging out. In terms of pairings etc, I am so down for whatever, I LOVE shippy fic, UST is fine, friendship fic is fine, character studies are great. I'll outline a bit more on my favs in the relevant sections.

Also a quick note on -isms, pinched with permission from a friend's letter: I don't mind if sexism, racism, ableism are portrayed in fic as long as they're dealt with. For example, it's OK if someone thinks Character A can't do something because she's a girl, as long as the story as a whole clearly doesn't agree!

Request 1: Steerswoman Series - Rosemary Kirstein
Rowan (Steerswoman), Bel (Steerswoman)

Oh my god, I would actually love anything here. I will freely confess my number one wish here is shippy fic. Like to me, the books are full of UST between the two of them, so fic exploring that would be amazing, and RESOLVING it, even more so. Like I think they’re so close to being a couple rather than super close friends and I’d love to see fic about how they take that step.

But EQUALLY, I adore their friendship and more about it would be great, so if you don't feel up to shipping them, that is FINE. Backstory or filler fic (what was Bel up to in book 3?) would also be great!

Basically, I have a preference for a story featuring both of them but would also be super super happy with a story about either one of them. Bringing in other characters in the b/g is fine too, I love Zenna and Steffie, and all of Rowan’s fellow Steerswomen, I just felt strongly about wanting to be matched with someone who wanted to write these two. I just love how both their minds work and how they work together and how QUICKLY they became important to each other.

Childhood/growing up fic/backstory for either of them would also be amazing, or Rowan's time at the academy would also be cool. Character studies of both or either would also be excellent.

Really, with this one, I burned through all 4 books in about 5 minutes, and I just want MORE while we wait for book 5.

Request 2: Gallifrey (Big Finish Audio)
Romana, Leela

OK, I'm slightly worried about this request cuz I am behind, I have only listened to the first three seasons. So, um, on the off chance we matched on this, any chance you'd be able to write something that's comprehensible with only the first 3 seasons' canon knowledge?

Like the above request, I ship these two a LOT, but would also be very happy with fic about them as friends. Individual character studies would also be fine.

I feel like Doctor Who sort of lends itself to 'what if?' AUs quite well, so if you fancy something along the lines of 'what if they packed it all in, took a TARDIS and ran away to see the world' or 'what if they had met while travelling with the Doctor' or, many other things.

In canon I just love how important they are to each other and how much they support each other, and how much they value each other and each other's support.

This is another one where I'd love 'how they got together fic', or IDK, freaking curtain fic or something. The hurt/comfort thing, as ever, super applies.

I really quite badly want for them to be happy, which, I know, possibly I am listening to the wrong show.

Fic addressing some of the stuff that comes up in S2/S3 about how much Romana asks of Leela while not considering what she's asking of her would be cool.

I definitely love Romana II the most, so would prefer that regeneration if possible.

Request 3:Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Kira Nerys, Jadzia Dax, Ezri Dax, Keiko O'Brien, Kasidy Yates

OK, this is totally my safety request. I love all five of these women SO MUCH, and will read basically anything about them. I am interested in ALL of their relationships as friends, and I ship several permutations of them. I'll try and go through my favourites.

I love the friendship between Kira and Dax, both of them. I ALSO ship this a LOT. But really, more of what we got in canon, or expanding on what we got in canon is great. I also love the idea of Kira loving Jadzia, but not doing anything about it until Ezri. I have a real thing for the trope of 'here is a copy/replacement for the person I loved but they are *not* the person I loved but I could love them anyway', which I think Kira's feelings for Jadzia and Ezri fit into nicely. Kira and Jadzia hanging out in the holosuite, discussing their lives, getting together, as lovers, anything would be great. Ditto for Kira and Ezri.

I would love to see what Jadzia and Keiko's friendship actually looks like, as canon alludes to it but doesn't actually show it. What do they have in common, what do they talk about? (Science is one awesome possibility, parenthood another, misc other interests of your choice a third.) I don't really ship these two.

I ship Kira/O'Briens as a triad like ANYTHING, or even just co-parenting Kirayoshi. Really, I am here for any permutation of Kira and O'Briens you fancy. (Miles himself is optional, but this is one where I'm definitely not OK with cheating.)

My favourite thing for Kasidy and Kira is post-canon stuff, whether romantic or friendly. Like they're both affected by Sisko's going off to hang out with the prophets, it makes sense to me they'd become close. I love the idea of them co-parenting Kasidy and Sisko's child, whether as lovers or as friends. (Kira in all the unconventional co-parenting family units for the win!) I love the idea of them getting together in way that's realistic and open about the possibility Sisko and Odo might come back some day.

With this request I'd prefer including at least two of them in the fic rather than individual character studies, but feel free to surprise me if you get an idea!

If you can manage fic with all 5 of them, that would be amazing, but definitely not required!!

Request 4: Person of Interest
Root, Sameen Shaw

This is my most recent fandom, and I am in love with these two. I LOVE how much this fandom lends itself to hurt/comfort, and I love playing with that idea and how it works for the two of them. Like they've developed their own language to NOT talk about their feelings, where does hurt/comfort as a trope fit into that?

I'm trying to think what else I can say that would be helpful. I've read a lot of neat things on Tumblr about these two, I feel like if we matched on this pairing you're probably (over?)analysing their scenes as much as I am. I love how important they've become to each other.

I think casefic where they have to go undercover as a couple would be hilarious, or possibly having to look after a baby and SUCKING AT IT.

I think as with Gallifrey and Steerswoman above, With these two if possible I'd def prefer a fic about their relationship. I DO like that the show has a habit of portraying important relationships that might or might not be sexual and that doesn't necessarily matter, so there's that.

I'm going to assume you're caught up on the show, and that being the case, I'd LOVE fix-it fic for 'If Then Else'. I apparently have endless capacity for fic about Root searching for Shaw, fic that explores the end of 'MIA', and Root giving up on the Machine for asking her to give up searching for Shaw. I also would love fic that, assuming we've found Shaw, deals with where they left things between them.

Request 5: Indexing - Seanan McGuire
Sloane Winters, Henrietta 'Henry' Madchen

Again, basically love anything here too. Actually, if you’re looking at what we matched on and coming up TOTALLY blank, this is only one book so you could check it out and see if it takes your fancy!

Anyway. If this IS what we matched on, really anything about either of them would be great. The thing I most want is Henry/Sloane, both from the books (I am super hoping I’m not imagining we might be heading this way anyway) but also from fic. Like I’d love fic exploring how they as people get together but also how that works with their different fairytale statuses.

Equally, backstory fic for either of them would be fab, or friendship fic, or something looking at Henry and the wood of other Snow Whites. Also, I do love the rest of the team and Gerry, so feel free to bring them in! I do think Henry/Jeff is adorable too, so I wouldn't want Henry/Sloane fic to be bashing him or his and Henry’s relationship, I will just almost always prioritise f/f over f/m.

OK, I hope that helps! A lot of it is meant to help rather than hinder, so if you're finding it too prescriptive, please do go with what you have, and I hope you enjoy writing for me! <3
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