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Two posts in the space of a month! Gosh! ;D But anyway I do have reason.

I can’t remember how extensively I was on DW/LJ at the time, but just after I moved to London I had a few fillings and root canals done. Some of you may recall. The biggest root canal never really settled right, I often felt a weird pressure in it, not quite pain, but also definitely something I was aware of. I got it x-rayed a few times, it was never infected, just…I was always v aware of it. I was advised to get it crowned and I never really got round to it. Well, on Saturday I was eating a crisp sandwich (I feel so betrayed by Nice’n’Spicy Nic-Nacs!) and I felt something…not right happen. So I investigated and found PART of the tooth was…wiggly. Which is a peculiar sensation I haven’t felt in a good 20 years. I left it well enough alone and managed to get an emergency dentist appointment this morning.

The dentist told me she’d have to remove the snapped off bit, and that it was cracked all the way up into the gum, so it was super likely the rest of the tooth would have to come out at a later date too. As I said on twitter, a week that starts with surprise local anaesthetic and tooth removal is totally a keeper, right?

So this is all pretty rubbish, but the reason I’m telling YOU all about it, beyond whining, is I want some advice.

I can’t keep the tooth in my mouth, it’s just got some temporary filling on it, and I can’t chew on that side till it’s sorted. (On the plus side, I CAN keep it like this until after the ID Showcase and choir performance, so that’s something. Though god knows I sure needed another reason to be hyper-aware of everything I put in my mouth right now. ;p)

I could:

a) just leave a gap, which would obv be free, minus the cost of the appt to remove it, which is about £20
b) get a wee denture that I’d have to take in and out every day, which would cost about £220
c) get a crown for one of the teeth next to it, which needs it anyway, and have an extra attachment that looks like a tooth next to it, which would also cost about £220 (I think this is called a bridge)
d) get a permanent implant that would be stuck right in, which would cost about £2,000

Spoilers, I can’t afford the implant. My favourite option that I *can* afford is def c), but the dentist said that after the tooth is removed I’ll have to wait 3 months for the bones to settle and heal after before I can progress with option c) or d). She said it’s better to have a temporary implant (b)) in the interim, so that you keep the gap where the bridge would go, but I can just have a gap for 3 months. It’s largely cosmetic but I think also means the bridge will fit better and so you will have less worry with things like food getting caught, which obviously can lead to decay issues etc.

The problem is I’m not sure about paying like £440, for both a temporary denture and then a bridge, and I REALLY don’t want a permanent denture at 30. Like, the bright side of living with dad is I do HAVE it right now, which is great, and obv if it’s the best thing to do it’s the best thing to do, but I can’t tell if the dentist is actually recommending that course of action as more medically/dentally sound or just wants me to spend more money?

The other thing is, my smile is one of the things I fairly consistently like about my appearance, which, with my mental health ~stuff~ is not an insignificant consideration right now. That sounds silly, but it’s true. So that might be worth the temporary denture?

The other thing I need to consider is I’m off to NZ right in the middle of the 3 months so need to consider a) not getting major dental work too soon before either the flight OUT or once there, the flight back and b) is it cheaper to do part of it over there? (Prooooobably not as I’m not sure what they’re national health deal is? I need to talk to my mother.)

The other option is dental tourism to Hungary. ;D

Like basically I need to do more research on this, but if any of you have any relevant experiences to share, I’d appreciate it!
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