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Sorry for the delay with this! This stuff is, tbh, a guideline, and if you have an idea that doesn't quite fit, that's honestly fine, I'm sure I will love it, thank you so much for making me a thing!

I will confess that this is straight up C/P-ed from previous letters, all of which still hold if that's any use to you!

Some general stuff first:

Squicks: I’m not the biggest fan of dark fic and angst, by which I mean a lot of angst and misery with no point to it, just as an end in and of itself. I think characters having difficulties and there being some sort of resolution or at least a bittersweet/hopeful outcome is fine, but unrelenting woe, less so. Incest is also a no for me, likewise rape and non-con/dubcon, and uneven power dynamics and emotional manipulation, abuse and violence. (When I say uneven power dynamics, I don't mean in a kinky way, that's fine, like if it's negotiated and something they're both into that's awesome, but like emotionally unhealthy/abusive dynamics, less so.) I’m not a huge fan of major character death either, at least for the stuff I've requested. I'm also not a fan of paedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia.

Yays: I love fluff, found families, particularly if it features unconventional family units and polyamoury. Always OT3s, never love triangles, etc. (On that note, I really hate cheating/being unfaithful if going the shippy fic route. I'll expand on this where it applies.) Basically, openness and communication are always better than miscommunications and shenanigans.

I also *love* hurt/comfort so much I can't even. Light on hurt, high on comfort. I am totally ridiculous with this trope.

And crossovers! Crossovers are great, as is humour/banter/silliness. I’m pretty happy with any rating. If you have the urge to write 1k of PWP, feel free. If that’s your thing, I guess go with whatever you see the characters as being into, though personally I end up reading stories featuring d/s and bondage. I tend to read more fic where people talk about their feeeelings but porn/NC17/PWP is also awesome.

I love backstory fic, character studies, gen fic, seeing how characters interact and what makes them friends/lovers/whatever they are to each other. Stuff that shows why they're close, being perceptive of each others' needs, small kindnesses, low-key hanging out. Obvs ths is a shipping challenge, and that's awesome but like focusing on small parts of why a pairing works can be a lovely thing.

I love all sorts of tropes like stuck in an elevator, now we have to talk about our feeeeelings. Or shag. Or like going on missions/adventures together.

Also a quick note on -isms, pinched with permission from a friend's letter: I don't mind if sexism, racism, ableism are portrayed in fic as long as they're dealt with. For example, it's OK if someone thinks Character A can't do something because she's a girl, as long as the story as a whole clearly doesn't agree!

Steerswoman - Bel, Rowan

Gah, I ship them SO MUCH OMG. I can't get over how queer their friendship already is in the books, particularly book 4. I would LOVE fic exploring how they take that step from friendship to romance (friends to lovers is a trope I adore). This is actually also a pairing where PWP would be great though. Or future fic of them as a couple, or like, slice of life of them on the road together.

I adore the way they work together and complement each other, and how quickly they bonded, so stuff about that would also be wonderful.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys, Ezri Dax/Kira Nerys, Kira Nerys/Keiko O'Brien, Kira/Nerys/Kasidy Yates

Hee. I joked recently on twitter that DS9 is my writing happy place, and it's definitely my requesting happy place too. I'll be so happy with just about anything for any of these pairings.

Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys

I LOVE THIS FRIENDSHIP ON THE SHOW. <3 I wish we had got WAY more of it, even though what we got was lovely. I think whenever I try to WRITE them as a ship I get caught trying to reconcile the ship with what's on screen with their various boyfriends timeline wise, so something addressing that might be cool. I also love the idea of them as friends with benefits around their various boyfriends. Like I can see Jadzia as poly no problem, but Kira might need to think about it more, and that might be fun to explore? IDK. Or alternatively, holosuite adventures, or something sweet and couple-y, going out for drinks/on a date, whatever really. Or maybe some sort of mission related trope fic, like huddling for warmth or we're stuck on this planet waiting for rescue, or trapped in a lift.

Ezri Dax/Kira Nerys

What fascinates me about these two is the idea of second chances, but also not. Like, did Kira have feelings for Jadzia? How does she feel about Ezri, how does she reconcile her feelings about Jadzia with her feelings for Ezri? How does Ezri sort through knowing someone who was important to Jadzia? Did Jadzia have feelings for Kira that inform Ezri's actions? Or maybe Ezri has a crush of her own? Like the ghost of Jadzia in this relationship is interesting to me. Not in a simple 'well, we didn't hook up in your previous body, thank goodness we get a second chance' way, more like 'how is our relationship now different' way. And there's so many ways to play that.

Actually, kind of like the Kira equivalent of how they deal with Jadzia, Worf and Ezri, really.

To be fair, this is all pretty heavy stuff, so if you have lighter ideas of how to write this pairing, I am sure they'd be awesome too!!

Kira Nerys/Keiko O'Brien

I actually ship Kira/O'Briens as a triad like anythng, so something about Kira and Keiko's side of that would be lovely. As would something about co-parenting Kirayoshi, or even Molly.

Kira Nerys/Kasidy Yates

I have so many feelings about these two post-show, omg. Like they're both affected by Sisko's going off to hang out with the prophets, it makes sense to me they'd become close. I love the idea of them co-parenting Kasidy and Sisko's child, whether as lovers or as friends. (Kira in all the unconventional co-parenting family units for the win!) I love the idea of them getting together in way that's realistic and open about the possibility Sisko and Odo might come back some day.

Doctor Who - Romana II/Leela

OK, I'm slightly worried about this request cuz I am behind, I have only listened to the first three seasons. So, um, on the off chance we matched on this, any chance you'd be able to write something that's comprehensible with only the first 3 seasons' canon knowledge?

I feel like Doctor Who sort of lends itself to 'what if?' AUs quite well, so if you fancy something along the lines of 'what if they packed it all in, took a TARDIS and ran away to see the world' or 'what if they had met while travelling with the Doctor' or, many other things.

In canon I just love how important they are to each other and how much they support each other, and how much they value each other and each other's support.

This is another one where I'd love 'how they got together fic', or IDK, freaking curtain fic or something. The hurt/comfort thing, as ever, super applies.

I really quite badly want for them to be happy, which, I know, possibly I am listening to the wrong show.

Fic addressing some of the stuff that comes up in S2/S3 about how much Romana asks of Leela while not considering what she's asking of her would be cool.

I definitely love Romana II the most, so would prefer that regeneration if possible.

Ghostbusters - Jillian Holtzmann/Patty Tolan, Erin Gilbert/Abby Yates, Erin Gilbert/Jillian Holtzmann/Patty Tolan/Abby Yates

I mostly requested this one to encourage the fandom along a bit. :D Watching the film it felt like Holtzmann and Patty were the developing love story and Erin and Abby were the lovers who made up. I'm also super here for them as a poly square on top of that! Anything with them all or either of the two pairs hanging out would make me super happy. I have to admit, I don't really see other pairs with the four of them unless it's in a poly quad way. I'd love something super tropey here, or how they got together/back together, missing scenes, etc.

Seraphina - Seraphina Dombegh/Princess Glisselda

Ahhhh, I love these two so much! I feel like I would love something from Glisselda's POV as we get quite a lot of Seraphina's in the books? I also would love something after the end of Shadowscale that also acknowledges Kiggs? (I OT3 them a LOT.)
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