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Dear Festividder,

Hi! First of all, I hope you're as excited for your assignment as I am! I am so excited for my vid, and I am so sure I will love whatever you'll make! The below is really if you're looking for extra guidance, rather than prescriptive. If you have an idea, I really would love to see it.

(Also a lot of this is fairly shamelessly copy/pasted from last year's letter. ;D)


I've been introduced to so much music I adore that I may never have discovered but for vids so I don't want to rule anything out. Possibly not famously faily artists or songs like Blurred Lines or like, Christ Brown maybe, but other than that, go wild!

I particularly adore Taylor Swift, Dar Williams, Vienna Teng, Emeli Sande's 'Our Version of Events' album, Sia, musicals, and female vocalists/singer/song-writers in general. HOWEVER as I said, I *also* adore being introduced to new music via vids.

The most important thing is that the song be right for the fandom/character/vid, and seriously, some of my best beloved music has come to me through vids soooo...surprise me! :D


I am kind of all about the ladies, as my fandom list may indicate, so women kicking ass vids always go down well with me. However, so do shippy vids, character studies, silly vids, funny vids, cute vids. Team feelings vids are also a good bet.

Annie (2014) [Movie] [Safety]

I fell head over heels for this movie when it came out, it's just so adorable, and such a fitting remake for the present day. Anything you want to go with here would be lovely, but like, an Annie character study, if there's footage enough, or a Grace Farrell one, or maybe something about Annie and all the other foster girls. This would be a great one for team feels, or girls kicking ass as well, or just something cute and funny showcasing what a delight this movie is.

IF you wanted to, I would be tickled to see a vid that showed various other Annies, like the original movie, or the 90s one with Victor Garber, or stage shows, but that is really only if the spirit moves you, it's the 2014 movie I want to see vidded most. <3

The Avengers [TV]

Hahaha, this show is amazing. I ship Steed and Mrs Peel so much. A team competence vid, or a ship vid, or best of all, a vid that showcased BOTH would be amazing. I LOVE their partnership such a lot.

I feel like bouncy slightly old-fashioned music would suit them but surprise me!

I have watched some Mrs Gale and Tara episodes, but my affection is definitely all for the Mrs Peel years.

(Actually, a Mrs Peel character study would be super cool but I'm possibly more wedded to something that captures the lighthearted tone of the show? IDK though, open to whatever! Their ridiculous faces! <3)

Fun Home (Graphic Novel: 2006) (Musical: 2013) [Audio, Performance, Still Image]

So I saw this on Broadway this summer, like a week or so before it closed and oh my god, I'm still not over it. I haven't actually read the Graphic Novel (YET) but cannot imagine how I won't love it just as much. I'd prob prefer focus on the musical and suspect that'd be easier footage-wise, but I am not fussy!

I don't even know what I want from a vid tbh except more of the feels the show evoked? I know Ring of Keys, Fun Home Commercial, a couple of other songs, and a bunch of interviews and featurettes are on YouTube, I feel like a short vid is doable with that footage?

I guess this just hit right in the queer/coming out feels, and I would love a vid reflecting that?

Jem and the Holograms [TV]

So I rewatched this this year and um, it's amazing? I used to ADORE this show as a kid, it was one of my favourite things and pretty formative.

I LOVE how it showcases how competent girls and women can be. Like the Holograms can absolutely be amazing singers and performers, but also make their own clothes, and fix their own instruments, plus fix and drive racing cars, plus run businesses really WELL, and there's just no question about whether they're good enough at all of these things? And even the rival band, the Misfits, are also very talented, they're just mean?

That's not so helpful as to what I'd like VID-wise from this though.

Last year I said I felt like Taylor Swift would pair well with this show and I stand by that, but not the only thing I'd be happy with by any means.

I would love a team feels or friendship vid for the Holograms, possibly including the Starlight girls? A women kicking ass vid would also work well? If you felt like doing a character study, a Jem/Jerrica one would be lovely, likewise Aja if you can find the footage. Ship-wise I ship Jerrica/Aja (also Jem/Aja) and obv Kimber/Stormer but I think you'd struggle to find enough footage for either of them!

I enjoy the Misfits but it's definitely about the Holograms for me. I really don't enjoy the Stingers, so would prefer not to get a vid about them, or really have them involved.

My Little Pony (1984-1987) [Movie, TV]

So this, She-Ra, and Jem are my trifecta of childhood cartoons, and I am psyched I got to request all three this year. :D I was MLP-OBSESSED as a kid.

I think some episodes are easier to get hold of than others so if you wanted to just vid the movie or the first few episodes, that would be A-OK.

Or if you're looking at what we matched on and not feeling it, this is a fairly easy one to watch some of and still make a great vid.

I love Megan, and a vid about her relationship with Ponyland and the ponies, sort of Wendy and Neverland style would be lovely. Equally I love all the ponies, especially Firefly and Windwhistler. And their relationships to Megan, actually. Sort of 'Horse and His Boy' style vids about them and Megan might be nice. :D

Possibly just a giant technicolor <3 vid is the vid of my heart here though, I dunno? Team feels also good? To me, 80s cartoons are just so colourful and PRETTY, so that's where requesting them for vidding exchanges comes in?

She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985) [TV]

Much like Jem and MLP, this was a huge childhood favourite and formative influence. I also have no clear idea what I want here, in similar vain. She-Ra herself, and Adora are my favourites, also Swift Wind/Spirit. (More 'girl and her pony' love! Actually, a vid about She-Ra/Adora and Swift Wind/Spirit and what good BUDDIES they are would be AMAZING.)

As ever, team feels/all the awesome ladies on this show kicking butt/found family all apply.

Actually, one thing I do adore about this show is it actually has quite a serious backstory with the rebellion, so something focusing on that might be cool?

Shockingly, I would prefer less dude-focus for this canon. (Sorry Bow. ILU Bow.)

Wicked (Broadway/West End/Touring Musical) [Audio, Performance]

OMG. This is probably my favourite musical. Ever. I love it so much. I know there's good recordings online of Defying Gravity, The Wizard and I, One Short Day, and For Good. Possibly also Popular and What Is This Feeling? Also lots of featurettes and interviews and whatnot. I mean, hopefully if you offered this you know that already but helping! ;D There's also some incredible storyboards that might be of use but poss getting permission to use those is more faff than it's worth.

There is no Elphaba or Galinda I don't love. I am so here for when famous Broadway/singing types do covers not in costume. (See Anna Kendrick and Kristin Chenoweth, or Sutton Foster, or whoever did it at Broadway for Hillary that I haven't actually watched yet.)

I ship Elphaba and Glinda so hard. If you could manage a vid about their friendship or even manage to make it a ship vid through cutting or song choice or ACTUAL PIXIE MAGIC I would die.

Now I'm typing this something about For Good and friendship and different casts singing it would be amazing.

I don't know. I am not picky. Surprise me.

Wonder Woman (2009) [DVD] [Safety]

Yup, turns out I can't not request this, surprise. So many lovely vids have come out of Festivids for this fandom, including one for me now, and yet, I still want MORE.

I just love her *so much*, there are so many things I would be happy with. I don't know that there's the footage, but something about her relationship with Hippolyta and the other Amazons would delight my heart, likewise anything about her being the Big Damn Hero she is, or even all the incredible ways she's so compassionate and...ugh. Ahem. Er. Any kind of character study? (I actually don't totally suck at tagging consistently for WW on my Tumblr, which is same URL as here if you felt that would be helpful...)

If we matched on this and you're familiar with WW and the DC animated universe, and you felt so inclined, I'd love if you wanted to drawn on other cartoon versions of her for more footage. There's lots of Justice League movies she's in, plus the TV show.

Or if you wanted to move across media to include Gal Gadot's and Lynda Carter's portrayals as well for a vid about how iconic Wonder Woman is, and about her 75th birthday and that sort of thing, I would probably actually expire from happiness.

Like, those are seriously such optional details and not something I expect to happen, just, if you felt like it, that's something I would love.

If that's not what you feel like, I cannot emphasise enough how much I love the 2009 movie just for itself. <3

My only request is I really don't want much (well, any) Steve Trevor in the vid, please, the less said about Nathan Fillion Steve Trevor the better, really. Sorry! He is in it quite a lot. But that's OK, she's in it more.

Thank you so much again, I cannot wait to see what you come up with, and I hope you enjoy it!!
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