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Dear Equinox Vidder,

Thank you so much for making me a vid! I should state outright that if you have any ideas that trump my suggestions, please go with what inspires you, I would way rather have a vid you felt strongly about making than bending yourself out of shape to fit what you think I want! I'll try to make clear what my hard DNWs are, but it's mostly too much angst, dudes and dudeslash, so apart from that my sign-up is your oyster!

Music-wise, I'm super flexible, I've found so many artists I adore now through vids and I don't know that I'd have found them otherwise, so I don't want to be too prescriptive. If you want some guidance, fav artists include: Vienna Teng, Dar Williams, Amy MacDonald, Emeli Sande, Ingrid Michaelson, Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift, Sia, Indigo Girls, Dixie Chicks, Grace Petrie. Really, female singer/song writers are my *jam*. I ALSO adore Disney and musicals but I'm kinda weird about them being vidded, so that's more of a data point, really. Possibly not famously faily artists or songs like Blurred Lines or like, Christ Brown maybe, but other than that, go wild!

Mass Effect

So I requested some characters for this, but really what I love best is the team/ensemble. Literal actual squad goals. They just love each other so much, and hit all my found family feels and have such good banter, and the best faces, and yes. *_* So something about the various Normandy 1 and 2 squads over the years would be amazing.

A fairly hard DNW is too much focus on dude Shep. I'm totally fine for him to be included if you go with a bit ensemble-y vid, but I play as fem Shep and would def prefer a vid focusing more on her, if possible. I'm also really not a Kaidan fan so again, if he's IN a team feels vid, that's absolutely fine, so long as he's not the focus. Likewise Kai Leng, actually.

I'd be super happy with an individual character study of any of the characters I requested, Liara is my absolute fave, but I also adore fem Shep, Tali, and Ashley, ditto Miranda, and EDI.

Something shippy would also be lovely, but I'm pretty sure I'd only be interested in femslash ships for this fandom, unless you managed to make a giant poly pile vid, that would be amazing. (Almost everyone should bone almost everyone else, you would need so many coloured lines to connect them all up and it'd be GREAT.) Fav ships are fem Shep/Liara, any permutations of fem Shep/Liara/Ashley/Tali, actually, I have huge soft spot for EDI/Traynor (Joker can come too), and Miranda/Jack.

Something along one of the themes or arcs of the games would also be amazing, like the genophage or the Quarian/Geth conflict, or synthetics/organics.

It's worth noting I adore the whole trilogy, including the ending, so I'm really not here for negativity about it, I'm afraid. Flipside, given I love the whole thing, pretty much anything that inspires you about them is likely to make me happy!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Aaargh, I love everyone in THIS bar too. So as with the above one, teams and found families and how much they love working together is my jam for DS9. I love that they work well together but also have fun together, CF Bironic's Born Too Late. <3

Character studies of any of the characters I requested would be lovely too.

Ship-wise, I love Kira/Dax (Ezri or Jadzia or if you could somehow make a vid about both I'd probably die), and also Kira/O'Briens OT3 (another vid I would die to have). I fairly aggressively poly-ship Kira with them, and also Kasidy.

Vids looking at individual friendships would be lovely too, I particularly love Sisko's relationships with Kira and Dax for that.

Star Wars - All Media Types

OK, so I don't have much to expand on my sign-up from this one. I signed up for this as an umbrella fandom but requesting specific characters. This, I'm sorry, is a bit less of an open request fandom. I basically either really want a Leia Organa vid, about her evolution from Princess to General, or a vid looking at Padme and Obi-Wan's relationship. I really love the prequels, and Padme/Obi-Wan/Anakin are my favourite thing about them.

Moon Dreamers [Safety Fandom]

OK, I used to LOVE this show as a kid but I don't remember it super well. I will be honest and say I struggled with choosing a safety fandom. I went with this one because I remember this show fondly from my childhood and I adore the colour palette, so if we've matched and you're looking at my requests and are totally uninspired, you have total free rein with this one, surprise me!

Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold

Look, I put Cordelia and Aral and Cordelia/Aral in the sign-up because they are my fucking FAVES, Cordelia particularly. I re-read these books annually, especially Cordelia-heavy ones. A vid about their relationship or what a fucking FORCE OF NATURE Cordelia is would be amazing but seriously, if you are up for the challenge of vidding this fandom, I will take WHATEVER witchcraft you produce. I also requested Ekaterin and would take a character study of her in a heartbeat but genuinely, if you managed to vid this fandom I'd probably actually die.
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