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First of all, sorry this is so late, I am pretty dreadful like that. /o\

Second of all, thank you for making me a vid! I am sure I will love whatever you make, I can't wait to see whatever it is! I really don't have firm ideas for a lot of my requests, so if you do, I'd way rather you go with what inspires you than be restricted by my letter!

Music-wise, I'm super flexible, I've found so many artists I adore now through vids and I don't know that I'd have found them otherwise, so I don't want to be too prescriptive. If you want some guidance, fav artists include: Vienna Teng, Dar Williams, Amy MacDonald, Emeli Sande, Ingrid Michaelson, Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift, Sia, Indigo Girls, Dixie Chicks, Grace Petrie. Really, female singer/song writers are my *jam*. I ALSO adore Disney and musicals but I'm kinda weird about them being vidded, so that's more of a data point, really. Possibly not famously faily artists or songs like Blurred Lines or like, Chris Brown maybe, but other than that, go wild!

Wicked - Schwartz/Holzman

(This is shamelessly c/p-ed from my Festivids letter, I live in hope.)

OMG. This is probably my favourite musical. Ever. I love it so much. I know there's good recordings online of Defying Gravity, The Wizard and I, One Short Day, and For Good. Possibly also Popular and What Is This Feeling? Also lots of featurettes and interviews and whatnot. I mean, hopefully if you offered this you know that already but helping! ;D There's also some incredible storyboards that might be of use but poss getting permission to use those is more faff than it's worth.

There is no Elphaba or Galinda I don't love. I am so here for when famous Broadway/singing types do covers not in costume. (See Anna Kendrick and Kristin Chenoweth, or Sutton Foster, or whoever did it at Broadway for Hillary that I haven't actually watched yet.)

I ship Elphaba and Glinda so hard. If you could manage a vid about their friendship or even manage to make it a ship vid through cutting or song choice or ACTUAL PIXIE MAGIC I would die.

Now I'm typing this something about For Good and friendship and different casts singing it would be amazing.

I don't know. I am not picky. Surprise me.

The Sound of Music

So I recently discovered the 'Lullabye for a Stormy Night' vid someone made for this and it's perfect? But I kind of want more? Anything about Maria, the Captain and the children becoming a family or a Maria character study would be lovely! I dunno, I just adore this movie, and I'd love to see more vids for it.

Chronicles of Narnia (movies)

OK so confession, I don't really love these movies as adaptations, I think they got a lot wrong, however, the casting is FLAWLESS, thus: vids! The books were hugely formative for me though. I'd love if you could steer more towards what the books are like, if possible, so changes the movies made not so much? I'd love something about the Pevensies and going home/back to Narnia, and 'once a king or queen in Narnia', and longing. Or just something more general about Narnia itself maybe, that showcases how pretty the films are.

Pride and Prejudice (1995)

This is also super formative for me, I love it a lot, it's my definitive P&P adaptation. I don't even know what I want from a vid of it tbh? A Lizzie character study would be amazing, or something about Lizzie and Jane, or all the Bennett sisters. Or something showcasing how FUNNY it is, like Mr Collins's awfulness and Caroline Bingley's snottiness and Mrs Bennett's histrionics and what an awkward turtle Darcy is and what a beagle Mr Bingley is?

The Lord of the Rings

These movies are so beautiful, and I love them so much. I'd be very happy with NZ scenery porn, or a fellowship friendship vid, or an Eowyn character study, or a ladies are awesome vid. Or something showcasing the epicness of the whole trilogy.

Sense and Sensibility (1995) (safety)

This is in the same boat as the 95 P&P, it is one of my all time favourite movies, it is PERFECT. I'd love an Elinor OR Marianne character study, or even better one comparing and contrasting the two?? Or a Dashwood sisters vid including Margaret would be adorable!

Ballet Shoes (2007) (safety)

I have actually only seen this adaptation once, but I adore the book and I remember it being visually great. Thus, as with Narnia: vids! Character studies of any of the Fossil sisters would be wonderful, or of all three of them. Or something about all the adults in their lives, or something about how freaking QUEER the doctors who teach them are, or just a general summary of the film would make me SUPER HAPPY. Or something focusing on the dance/performance side of it?

Arrival (2016) (safety)

I honestly have no idea, I just want there to be vids of this? Something focusing on Louise would be lovely, or exploring the ways the film looks at language, visually? I dunno, if this is what we matched on you must have ideas too, and I want to see what they are!
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