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Dear lovely Friendship fest author,

First of all, thank you! :D I am so sure I will love whatever you write me, but I know I find more rather than less info helpful, so please read on! :D

As a general rule, I prefer happy fic, or if angst is your thing, at least bitter-sweet rather than completely unleavened misery. (I mean, this is a friendship fest so sort of invites happy things, right?) Like if you have an idea or something to say about conflict in a particular relationship, do run with it, so long as some sort of resolution is reached if possible? Or the hope of one?

I only really know Deep Space Nine well at the moment and I really kind of love the whole crew so if you felt the need or desire to add more people in, in a sort of found family way, or people you wanted to include in the background, go right ahead. (Found family and unconventional family units are things I LOVE.)

Holosuite fun, general friendly hanging out, getting meals together, parties, shopping, anything you think is in character for each pair in their downtime would be wonderful. Just really low-key, happy stuff. Though advice and heart-to-hearts and what function they play in each others' lives is also good.

In terms of specifics, I requested:

Benjamin Sisko and Jadzia Dax:

I basically love everything about these two, but anything that focuses on how their relationship changes from one host to another would be lovely. I also love advice-giving on either side, maybe about Jake or either of their love-lives, or anything else. Like I love their relationship just as it is in the show, but would love more of that, and more detail I guess? Maybe something about Benjamin being the Emissary and Jadzia's insights on that?

Benjamin Sisko and Kira Nerys:

Argh. This may be my favourite relationship in the whole show. I definitely prefer stuff once they're actually better friends, so post Starship Down, but if you have an idea that goes earlier in the show, that's fine too! I just love watching them negotiate being co-workers and Sisko being Kira's commanding officer but also an important religious icon in her faith, so stuff about how they manage that is always great, but so is just general hang-outs.

Ezri Dax and Kira Nerys:

I would love seeing these two find their footing with Ezri as new host. How is their relationship different from Jadzia and Kira's relationship? Are they still close? I know the show went into this a bit but I am always pro more.

Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys:

No wait, THIS might be my favourite relationship in the whole show. I ship this as well, but I'm really here for any interaction between these two, I adore them as BFFs too. I love that they're canonically close, and I love that we get to see a lot of different ways they spend time together, so this is another one that's definitely more of what we got on screen. Never enough holosuites here, definitely.

Kasidy Yates and Kira Nerys:

I'm so invested in the idea of these two becoming friends post-show, so fic about that is what I'm really after. I just think they have a lot in common at that point, and would naturally gravitate towards each other, so fic about how that happens, or how they fit in each others lives once it does, would be lovely. As with Kira and O'Briens I'm super-invested in the idea of unconventional family units, so something where they decide to co-parent Kasidy and Sisko's baby would be wonderful. (What I'm learning as I write this is I have feelings about Kira and other people's children.)

Keiko O'Brien and Jadzia Dax:

It frustrates me that this relationship is mentioned in canon but never shown! Science buddies! What do they talk about? How do they hang out, do they have coffee dates, drinks nights, do they have science projects they share? Do they correspond when Keiko's away? Do they gossip about Miles and Julian? We just don't know. Fic is definitely the answer.

Keiko O'Brien and Kira Nerys:

I actually really ship Kira and the O'Briens as an OT3, and I adore that when faced with unexpected pregnancy, this is the explanation the show chose. However, I also love what we get on-screen. Maybe seeing them both parent Yoshi, or just hanging out, or how they stay in touch after the show, or just hanging out during the show, or exchanging advice about their love lives.

Odo and Lwaxanna Troi:

This is another friendship that I love the idea of as letters. Lwaxanna doesn't actually visit that much but I love the idea that they stay in touch, especially after her last visit.

This got quite long and prescriptive, I worry, but honestly, if you have an idea outside of what I've mentioned, please go for your life! Thank you so much again! :D
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