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 Dear Podficcer,

Let's start with yay ITPE! :D I love this exchange and am sure I will love whatever you make me! :D

As a general rule of thumb, I love femslash and friendships between women, so so long as it's women-centric I'll be pretty happy. (Er, obvs that sentence is super-binary so to clarify it does include genderqueer people and transgender women. IDK if that fixes it, or helps.)

Things I don't like/squicks:
- angst
- dark fic
- non-con/dub-con
- incest.

Things I love:
- hurt/comfort (esp the ridiculous kind about say, one person having a cold and the other making them tea and petting them till they feel better. The more serious h/c is good too though.)
- Crossovers!
- Humour and banter.
- Found families
- Any rating is seriously fine. (Last year I got a fic that was entirely sex noises and it was basically the best.)
- When reading/listening to porn, d/s and bondage are things I like.
- Happy endings, or at least bittersweetly optimistic ones
- Queering canon

A bit more about my asks:

Wonder Woman: So there really just isn't that much fic to pod, and a LOT of canon, so this one's a bit daunting. I would be more interested in fic about her relationships with the Amazons and her mother and Etta Candy than say, Steve Trevor. I kind of love the Trinity (Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman) a whole lot but have yet to find good fic for them, alas.

Warehouse 13: So I was so in love with this show until S5, which I am now resolutely ignoring. How could you bust up the greatest bromance of all time?! Like even leaving all my HG feelings aside? My absolute favourites are Myka and HG, but equally Myka&Pete, best buddies ever! Or anything with Claudia! Or Mrs F! Or Leena! Or Artie! Or Jinxie!! So, um, yes, really, anything with a slight preference towards HG/Myka.

The Good Wife: Alicia is my absolute favourite. I also ship Kalinda/Alicia a LOT. I also love Robin and Diane.

Harry Potter: The trio! They are my OT3. Aw, actually, fic that works with the epilogue but is still the trio and say, Ginny/Luna and somehow ends up happy would be perfect and if that exists and I haven't read it that's sad. That's very specific headcanon though. Just Ginny/Luna and/or the trio also good. Marauders-era fic is good, particularly if it features Lily too. Remus/Sirius <3. Oh! Anything about the female teachers at Hogwarts. MCGONAGALL. But also any of Trelawney, Madame Pince, Professor Sprout or Hooch. And Molly Weasley, Narcissa Malfoy, Petunia Dursley.

Vorkosigans: I LOVE Cordelia. She is my favourite, as is Aral/Cordelia. But I also love Ekaterin and Ekaterin/Miles. I'm not a fan of Ilyan/Aral or Miles/Gregor.
Xena: Um, I don't even know what good Xena fic there is out there to pod. I think I would basically want Xena/Gabrielle. Side-character wise I also love Autolycus, Aphrodite and Ares.

Gallifrey: OK so after I signed up I realised this was basically a stupid fandom to requst and you can ignore it unless you happen to know of some awesome Romana/Leela with no spoilers after season 3. Because I've not listened to seasons 4 onwards yet. I suck. /o\

Star Trek: DS9: Ugh I finished this this year and I love it SOOO much. I love basically everyone and their stupid faces, and there is SO MUCH GOOD FIC OUT THERE THAT NEEDS PODDING. AND I CAN'T DO IT ALONE. Ensemble/found family stuff, Kira and Sisko, Jadzia and Sisko, Kira/Jadzia, Kira and Jadzia, Kira/Kasidy, Kira and Kasidy, Kira and O'Briens, Kira and basically anyone but Dukat. Really if it features Kira and/or Jadzia I'll probably love it.

Bunheads: This one is brand new to me, but I love it so very much. There are basically 2.5 fics on the archive. I love Michelle and Fanny, but also all four of the mini ballerinas. <3 I ship Michelle/Fanny, and Michelle&Sasha as they are on the show as surrogate mum/older sister/surrogate daughter/younger sister, and Sasha/Boo, esp when they get older and go to dance school together.

OK, I realise the above is weirdly specific and if you're looking at it all and thinking 'no way' honestly, I'm sure I will love whatever you make me!! Thank you so much again and I hope you have fun and get an amazing gift too! :D


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