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Dear lovely Yuletide Fairy!

First of all, thank you for writing me a story! I am sure I will love anything you write, and I can’t wait to read it! I hope you have a great time writing for me!

Second of all, I thought I’d just put some general squicks and yays. The squicks are more important than the yays, please, if you could possibly avoid them, that’d be awesome.

Squicks: I’m not the biggest fan of dark fic and angst, by which I mean a lot of angst and misery with no point to it, just as an end in and of itself. I think characters having difficulties and there being some sort of resolution or at least a bittersweet/hopeful outcome is fine, but unrelenting woe, less so. Incest is also a no for me, likewise rape and non-con/dubcon, and uneven power dynamics and emotional manipulation, abuse and violence. I’m not a huge fan of major character death either, at least for the stuff I’ve requested. I'm also not a fan of paedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia.

Yays: I love fluff, found families, particularly if it features unconventional family units, polyamory, though weirdly that doesn’t apply so much to these particular fandoms. Always OT3s, never love triangles, etc. (On that note, I really hate cheating/being unfaithful if going the shippy fic route.) I also love hurt/comfort. And crossovers! Crossovers are great, as is humour/banter/silliness. I’m pretty happy with any rating. If you have the urge to write 1k of PWP, feel free. If that’s your thing, I guess go with whatever you see the characters as being into, though personally I end up reading stories featuring d/s and bondage. Probably I’m happier with the lower ratings though? But who knows, surprise me! I love backstory fic, character studies, gen fic, seeing how characters interact and what makes them friends/lovers/whatever they are to each other. Stuff that shows why they're close, being perceptive of each others' needs, small kindnesses, low-key hanging out. However, I do also love shippy fic and have given some pairing suggestions in the actual requests.

I realised I didn't say as much clearly and I really should, but the TL;DR of my fannish existence is: LADIES. Gen, femslash, friendships, I do not mind. (I also do some het but it's increasingly rare.) Women being awesome, both in teams and solo.

Also a quick note on -isms, pinched with permission from a friend's letter: I don't mind if sexism, racism, ableism are portrayed in fic as long as they're dealt with. For example, it's ok if someone thinks Character A can't do something because she's a girl, as long as the story as a whole clearly doesn't agree!

Request 1 - Steerswoman Series - Rosemary Kirstein - Rowan (Steerswoman), Bel (Steerswoman)

Oh my god, I would actually love anything here. Like to me, the books are full of UST between the two of them, so fic exploring that would be amazing, and RESOLVING it, even more so. Like I think they’re so close to being a couple rather than super close friends and I’d love to see fic about how they take that step.

But EQUALLY, I adore their friendship and more about it would be great. Backstory or filler fic (what was Bel up to in book 3?) would also be great!

Basically, I have a preference for a story featuring both of them but would also be super super happy with a story about either one of them. Bringing in other characters in the b/g is fine too, I love Zenna and Steffie, and all of Rowan’s fellow Steerswomen, I just felt strongly about wanting to be matched with someone who wanted to write these two. I just love how both their minds work and how they work together and how QUICKLY they became important to each other.

Childhood/growing up fic/backstory for either of them would also be amazing, or Rowan's time at the academy would also be cool.

Really, with this one, I burned through all 4 books in about 5 minutes, and I just want MORE while we wait for book 5.

Request 2 - Indexing - Seanan McGuire - Henrietta "Henry" Marchen, Sloane Winters

Again, basically love anything here too. Actually, if you’re looking at what we matched on and coming up TOTALLY blank, this is only one book so you could check it out and see if it takes your fancy!

Anyway. If this IS what we matched on, really anything about either of them would be great. The thing I most want is Henry/Sloane, both from the books (I am super hoping I’m not imagining we might be heading this way anyway) but also from fic. Like I’d love fic exploring how they as people get together but also how that works with their different fairytale statuses.

Equally, backstory fic for either of them would be fab, or friendship fic, or something looking at Henry and the wood of other Snow Whites. Also, I do love the rest of the team and Gerry, so feel free to bring them in! I do think Henry/Jeff is adorable too, so I wouldn’t want Henry/Sloane fic to be bashing him or his and Henry’s relationship, I will just almost always prioritise f/f over f/m.

Request 3 - Bunheads - Sasha Torres, Michelle Simms, Fanny Flowers

Oh man, anything about any of these three, again. I sort of ship Michelle/Fanny but also sort of don’t, so whichever way will be fine for me. I love the idea of them working out there is an attraction there and negotiating that, and how the town reacts, and how it changes their relationship. But I ALSO love what they have in the show, so more fic about that would be great. I love the chain of mentorship that runs through these three. (I wouldn’t want Michelle/Sasha, I don’t ship that the way I do Michelle/Fanny, it’s too uneven for me. Like even though Fanny is older than Michelle, Michelle is an adult when they meet.)

Equally, if you have an idea focusing on one or two of them, that’s fine too. (I have to admit, if you want to only focus on one or two rather than all 3 I'm slightly more interested in Michelle and Sasha, sorry Fanny.)

Something about their relationships to dance and how that connects to their relationships with each other would be amazing. Actually, if the fic was very dance feels-heavy that would be A-OK.

Future fic is also an awesome thing I’d love for this show, cancelled way too soon. :(

If you go with Sasha fic, feel free to bring in any of the other 3 girls, particularly Boo, whom I adore. (In my head, she and Sasha go off to ballet school together and end up getting together. I realise Boo isn’t nominated so no pressure but if you feel inspired to write that fic I would not be unhappy.)

Michelle or Fanny backstory fic would be pretty cool too, or show filler fic, or future fic as I said. Really, anything would be amazing!

Request 4 - October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire - May Daye, Jasmine "Jazz" Patel, Toby Daye

I’m basically copying what I put from my additional info for this one. I had some issues with this sign-up, as you may be able to tell!

I've put May, Jazz and Toby in my sign-up and I would be totally thrilled to receive a story featuring any two of those three. I've a preference for May/Jazz cuteness, like maybe their side of things during one of Toby's many adventures, or equally preferred is May and Toby hang-outs during down-time, OR May and Toby dealing with a problem together a la "Through this House", or just general bonding/chats. It's also occurred to me fic focusing and exploring on what, if any, relationship Toby and Jazz have might also be neat. Or fic containing all THREE of them, obviously! What do they do when they all stay in together? What are they like as a house-share? Do they double-date with Tybalt as well? Who knows? (Equally if you have other ideas to the above, go for it!)

In case it wasn't clear, I love stories with characters just hanging out and showcasing the awesome found family they've built. <3

Like I said, I really struggled with this sign-up because I actually love basically everyone in this series, so anyone you want to include as b/g characters is seriously fair game and a win for me. I'd love anything slice-of-life-y, like the books are always so high-tension, what does their down-time even look like? Or like Chelsea, Raj and Quentin hanging out and causing trouble in the background, or even having their own 'The Zeppo' style adventure, or other characters popping in and out like Karen, or the other Browns, or Dianda, or April and Li, or the Torquills, though less so post-A Winter Long for those last I guess. I seriously ship Toby/Tybalt so have a preference for stuff post 'Ashes of Honour'. Also obviously this whole paragraph deals with characters you have not signed up to write, so it's 100% ignorable and I would still love whatever you choose to write.

If you can avoid trying to figure out the mythos and backstory too much, I’d appreciate that, because I’m excited to see where Seanan takes us with that so it's not something I need fanfic to explore so much. Like this one is not a big deal, if you have stuff to say, please go wild, but yeah, not an area I’m keen to see explored in fic cuz I know canon will get there! (Whereas sadly I may be waiting a while for the novel where Toby does her laundry and stays in her PJs.)

Actually, if you're inspired by something without the above, then I say again: go for it, seriously!

I think that about rounds it out. If you found an idea somewhere in the above, great! If you have one already, still great, and I am sure I will love it! Happy Yuletide!
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