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Dear Galentine's Day Author,

Hello! I'm so excited for this exchange, and I'm sure I will love anything you choose to write!

However, just to make it a bit easier, some things I love, some things I can't stand or am put of by, and some general ideas, headcanons and prompts for each sign-up. The yays and prompts are pretty optional, but I'd request if you possibly can that you avoid the squicks, please.

(A lot of this is fairly shamelessly lifted from previous letters.)

Squicks: I’m not the biggest fan of dark fic and angst, by which I mean a lot of angst and misery with no point to it, just as an end in and of itself. I think characters having difficulties and there being some sort of resolution or at least a bittersweet/hopeful outcome is fine, but unrelenting woe, less so. Incest is also a no for me, likewise rape and non-con/dubcon, and uneven power dynamics and emotional manipulation, abuse and violence. I’m not a huge fan of major character death either, at least for the stuff I;ve requested. I'm also not a fan of paedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, and cannibalism.

Yays: I love fluff, found families, particularly if it features unconventional family units, polyamory. Always OT3s, never love triangles, etc. (On that note, I really hate cheating/being unfaithful if going the shippy fic route.) I also love hurt/comfort. And crossovers! Crossovers are great, as is humour/banter/silliness. I’m pretty happy with any rating. If you have the urge to write 1k of PWP, feel free. If that’s your thing, I guess go with whatever you see the characters as being into, though personally I end up reading stories featuring d/s and bondage. Probably I’m happier with the lower ratings though? But who knows, surprise me! I love back-story fic, character studies, gen fic, seeing how characters interact and what makes them friends/lovers/whatever they are to each other. Stuff that shows why they're close, being perceptive of each others' needs, small kindnesses, low-key hanging out. However, I do also love shippy fic and have given some pairing suggestions in the actual requests.

Also a quick note on -isms, pinched with permission from a friend's letter: I don't mind if sexism, racism, ableism are portrayed in fic as long as they're dealt with. For example, it's OK if someone thinks Character A can't do something because she's a girl, as long as the story as a whole clearly doesn't agree!

I'd be happy with shippy femslash or friendship fic for any of the fandoms I've signed up for, though I'll elaborate for each fandom below!

The Good Wife
Alicia Florrick, Kalinda Sharma

I'm still sad about these two falling out and the show kind of dropping that relationship a little bit. I also ship them a ridiculous amount. There are all sorts of things I'd be happy with here, a character study for either of them, fic set in earlier seasons, fic about them repairing their relationship now, fic about them hooking up now.

Worth noting that with Peter and Alicia I'm less fussed on the 'no cheating' thing, given their relationship is quite changeable on that front over the course of the series, so as long as it's in character for Alicia at whatever point in the series you choose to write her, I'm less hard-line on the cheating thing. If that makes sense?

I'm not a huge fan of Kalicia as a pairing that sleeps together and ignores the emotional side of things, if that makes sense, though I do see it as in character for them.

Them going out for drinks at any point in canon would be awesome, likewise just generally working together.

One thing I've loved about how the show has handled their relationship over the years is how blatant it is that Kalinda is still very focused on Alicia and her well-being and comfort, even when they haven't interacted much in a long time, so observations on that always welcome.

I think going undercover as a couple might be a hilarious trope for them? Like obviously it would be ridiculous within the context of the show, but it also seems in keeping with its sense of humour? IDK, just throwing ideas out there.

Person of Interest
Root, Shaw

I only just discovered this fandom, and I am in love with these two. I LOVE how much this fandom lends itself to hurt/comfort, and I love playing with that idea and how it works for the two of them. Like they've developed their own language to NOT talk about their feelings, where does hurt/comfort as a trope fit into that?

I'm trying to think what else I can say that would be helpful. I've read a lot of neat things on Tumblr about these two, I feel like if we matched on this pairing you're probably (over?)analysing their scenes as much as I am. I love the increasingly textual subtext for these two and how important they've become to each other.

I think casefic where they have to go undercover as a couple would be hilarious, or possibly having to look after a baby and SUCKING AT IT.

Oh! I feel like for the other two requests, I am happy with one of the people requested, or friendship, with these two if possible I'd def prefer a fic about their relationship. I DO like that the show has a habit of portraying important relationships that might or might not be sexual and that doesn't necessarily matter, so there's that.

ETA: If this is the fandom we matched on, and you're up to date with the currently airing eps, do please read on. Otherwise, stop cuz spoilers.
I would 100% love fix-it fic for 4x11 if you were up for writing that.
Here endeth spoilers.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Jadzia Dax, Kasidy Yates, Keiko O'Brien, Kira Nerys

Oh my god, I love this show such a lot, and these are several of my favourites. I would be here for just about anything with any mix of these. But, some ideas to get you started.

I ship Jadzia and Kira like anything, but I also adore their friendship. I love the glimpses of them hanging out that we got on the show, and I'd love more about how their relationship grew. Ezri is not nominated so don't feel the need to bring her into it but I also sort of love the idea that Jadzia and Kira were just friends but Ezri and Kira became something more, off of the chemistry between Jadzia and Kira. Which is incredibly upsetting but could be cool.

I would love to see what Jadzia and Keiko's friendship actually looks like, as canon alludes to it but doesn't actually show it. What do they have in common, what do they talk about? (Science is one awesome possibility, parenthood another, misc other interests of your choice a third.)

My favourite thing for Kasidy and Kira is post-canon stuff, whether romantic or friendly. Like they're both affected by Sisko's going off to hang out with the prophets, it makes sense to me they'd become close. I love the idea of them co-parenting Kasidy and Sisko's child, whether as lovers or as friends. (Kira in all the unconventional co-parenting family units for the win!)

Actually, genuinely, Kira co-parenting with Keiko and Kasidy and juggling that would be a fun fic.

On that note, I am very much here for Kira and the O'Briens. Kira/Keiko is awesome as is Kira&Keiko, talking about kids or Miles or literally anything else.

Or fic where they all hang out in some way, girl's night out or in, or some misc project.

Really, though, with all of the above, my ramblings are just guidelines, and are meant to help, not put you off, so if you have an idea already, do go for it, and I hope you have fun writing!
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