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2020-04-06 12:11 am
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Old Who

Nicked from [ profile] lizbee who got it from [ profile] eponymous_rose. Ones I've seen crossed through, ones I'm currently partway through in italics.

Classic Doctor Who Serials )

Have struck-through ones I've heard, italics for ones I'm partway through. Nicked from [ profile] elyssadc.

Big Finish Audios )
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2020-01-01 10:44 pm
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Aims Vid Album Masterpost (Sticky Post)

So in September 2013 Vienna Teng released a new album (you can listen to it for free on Bandcamp, and if you’re not familiar already I seriously cannot recommend it strongly enough), and I and a few of my friends went absolutely bananas over it. I at some point happened to noticed the section of my friend group that was collectively losing their shit over this album and the section of my friend group who were vidders intersected nicely, and there was quite a lot of discussion of vidding various tracks on twitter, which led me to An Idea.

I was really enjoying the album as a whole, which doesn't often happen to me, and I thought it would be cool if we could get enough people together who each wanted to vid one of the tracks and put together sort of a vid album.

I threw the idea out to a few people, and their response was gratifyingly enthusiastic. :D We managed to get everyone a song they were happy with and inspired by, I think, though we didn't *quite* manage to cover all 11 tracks without some doubling up, though we did get there! :D

We agreed pretty quickly that we'd much rather have it be across a range of fandoms, as that would make it more diverse. Plus, I think we'd have struggled to pick one common fandom!

Basically I am extremely lucky in knowing some very talented people, and we’d like to present our vid album.

Level Up by [personal profile] kaydeefalls, fandom: Sleepy Hollow.
In the 99 by [personal profile] cosmic_llin, fandom: The Hunger Games (Movies).
Landsailor by [personal profile] raven, fandom: Multi-fandom.
Close to Home by [personal profile] shinyjenni, fandom: Orphan Black.
The Hymn of Acxiom by [personal profile] beccatoria, fandom: Sleepy Hollow.
Oh Mama No by [personal profile] chaila, fandom: Wonder Woman.
Copenhagen (Let Me Go) by [personal profile] cosmic_llin, fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Flyweight Love by [personal profile] such_heights, fandom: Thor (Movies).
The Breaking Light by [personal profile] such_heights, fandom: Pacific Rim.
Never Look Away by [personal profile] purplefringe, fandom: Doctor Who (2005).
Goodnight New York by [personal profile] chaila, fandom: Bunheads.

ETA: So, some of us went to Nine Worlds Geekfest in August 2014 and wound up talking to the Daily Dot about the Project and why we think Vienna Teng is so popular with vidders, and they wrote a lovely article! Which Vienna Teng then linked to on her Facebook and Twitter! So that was pretty cool. :D

The Aims Vid Project (the "Project") has been created with material derived from Aims, a studio album recorded by Vienna Teng and released on 24 September 2013 (the "Original Work") under a Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) (the "Licence"). In the creation of the Project, changes have been made to the Original Work. In compliance with the terms of the Licence, we confirm that:

(i) the Project has not been, nor will be, used for or in connection with any commercial purpose; and

(ii) that the Project does not bear the endorsement of the licensor.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Project is itself distributed under the Licence (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) such that any further derivative work is licensed on identical terms to the Original Work.
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2020-01-01 05:20 pm

Friends Only

This journal is Friends Only. Please comment to be added. It's not scary, I like new people and the odds of my friending back are good!
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2020-01-01 12:19 pm

1989 Vid Album Masterpost (Sticky Post)

We had so much fun with the Aims Vid Album, and had been casting about for our next album to tackle, when Taylor Swift released a new album! Now, I have to admit, never in my wildest dreams (hehe, see what I did there?) did I think I could get people on board for a whole Taylor vid album, but I underestimated 1989, and my friends' good taste, and here we are. ;D

We've got vids already!! :D And several others have been claimed and/or are in the works. I think posting will probably start in earnest after Festivids, watch this space! :D

Welcome To New York
Blank Space by [personal profile] such_heights and [personal profile] purplefringe, fandom: Doctor Who.
Out of the Woods
All You Had To Do Was Stay
Shake It Off
I Wish You Would
Bad Blood
Wildest Dreams by [personal profile] kaydeefalls, fandom: multi-fandom.
How You Get The Girl
This Love by [personal profile] raven, fandom: Pushing Daisies (AU/constructed reality).
I Know Places
You Are In Love
New Romantics
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2017-06-19 12:01 am

Vidukon 2017 Premiere

Title: Ready for the Storm
Fandom: Mass Effect trilogy
Character/Pairing: Jane Shepard
Music: Ready for the Storm - Dougie Maclean
Content notes: Nothing beyond what's in the games. Some explosions, physical triggers-wise, but not particularly fast cuts.
Summary: "The lighthouse will keep shining out." (Or, Shep is the bravest little toaster.)
Notes: Thank you so much to [personal profile] beccatoria for the clips, to [personal profile] shinyjenni for technical help and endlessly patient beta-ing, and [personal profile] walkthegale and [personal profile] cosmic_llin for beta-ing and cheerleading! <3
Spoilers: Very big ones for all 3 games!
Download: here (3:48, 135MB)
Also on: YouTube|AO3|Tumblr

Streaming and lyrics )
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2017-06-05 01:55 pm


So, IDK if you all knew this, but Wonder Woman has a movie now? :D?

I don’t even know how to begin talking about this, but my thoughts are still super loud so I’m going to have a go.

I really loved it? Which I’m so desperately relieved about because that was NOT a given? Like I went to see it by myself Thursday (well, after a LOT of dithering, [personal profile] shinyjenni and I went to the same showing but sat separately and went home separately so we could deal with our feelings at our own pace) and it was a REALLY SOLID CALL. It took me the better of Friday to work out how I felt about it, beyond relief I hadn’t just hated it outright.

I guess what I’m trying to say is the possibility that I could have an easy, straightforward response to this movie was pretty remote, and I was so wound up about actually seeing it, that I sort of forgot I would then...have seen it? And have to deal with my reactions? Which is ridiculous with hindsight, but there you go.

It did do some things I REALLY HATED, some things I sort of liked but wish had been handled differently, but also loads of things I loved, so I’m happy.

And I dunno, I’ve also quite abruptly hit this wall of “I can tease my little sister cuz we’re family, but you better back off” about criticism so, there’s that.


A lot, and I do mean A LOT, of words behind the cut. Full of spoilers. )

OK. I’m not actually sure I covered everything I wanted to but my head does feel a little quieter.
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2017-01-28 01:09 am

Festivids 2016/2017! One Hundred And One Dalmatians

Title: On My Way
Fandom: One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Character/Pairing: Puppies!
Music: Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root
Content notes: Spoilers: contains puppies.
Summary: "You know what they say about the young."
Notes: It's puppies.
Spoilers: ...I mean, I don't know if you're unfamiliar with the plot of One Hundred and One Dalmatians...?
Download: here (4:05, 89MB)

streaming and lyrics under the cut )
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2016-12-20 12:01 pm

End of Year Fandom Meme

IDK, I just fancied it. ;D

1. Your main fandom of the year?

Mass Effect? :D? Like I'm not sure what else I did this year, fannishly, apart from play all 3 games at [personal profile] carawj's house. ;D Granted I started last December, but still. (Mass Effect really deserves a post all its own and that may well come, I'm kind of in a DW mood at the mo.)

2. Your favourite film watched this year?

Ghostbusters. I went with [personal profile] spiderwolves and E, and literally, she and I spent the whole time clutching each other and soundlessly screaming, it was wonderful. (I'm actually struggling to remember what other films I saw in cinemas this year. I did enjoy the new Star Trek, but mostly cuz of how much the people I went with loved it. <3 Other than that *what other new films did I even watch, help*)

3. Your favourite book read this year?

This has been a rubbish book year for me, mostly see answer to question 1. *glances at goodreads* Like seriously, even the perpetual Vorkosigans re-read only got as far as 'Cordelia's Honour', which is always a contender for best book I've read any given year.

Although so saying, on closer examination of goodreads I am being unfair, I did discover Frances Hardinge in the spring, not to mention The Goblin Emperor. I think The Goblin Emperor or Gullstruck Island is my favourite book this year, actually.

4. Your favourite TV show of the year?

Supergirl, no question. <3 (Possibly also the only new TV show I watched this year...? IDK, I'm v tired as I write this and it's hard to remember things that aren't Mass Effect.)

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year?

This has been quite an offline year fannishly in some ways, see question 1 again. So probably the Vidukon lot and smaller corners like me, the C's, [personal profile] tellitslant and [personal profile] sophia_gratia being cranky femslash old ladies, or [personal profile] beccatoria and [personal profile] chaila's Diana blanketfort of squee I'm a periodic visitor of. <3 Plus like, the fannish part of twitter is always a delight, too many people to list there. And like, lots of my fav fannish people are as much RL as online, which is still super great. <3

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

...Mass Effect? :D (Technically 2015 but wow I had no idea when I started. I thought I did BUT NO.)

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

Person of Interest. I haven't seen season 5, though I am VERY spoiled for it. It definitely sounds like it was great, and even my issues are redeemable and I know it's made lots of people so hapy but for me all the fix-it fic and openess of the ending don't make up for it being the dead lesbian straw that broke this lesbian camel's back. It was the one I had set my heart on not going for the trope, and then they did, and just felt so disappointed and heartsick I haven't been able to face season 5, and I can't really see myself doing so anytime soon.

8. Your TV boyfriend of the year?

Come again? (I mean, if I have to have one, can I at least say Garrus Vakarian or Lin-Manuel Miranda?)

9. Your TV girlfriend of the year?

I mean, if it has to be TV probably Alex Danvers or CJ Cregg, but I think we all know it's Liara T'Soni. ;D

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year?

Oh, gosh. *Finishing* Mass Effect doesn't really qualify, cuz while that was amazing, squee is not the word. (Though playing Citadel DLC might. ;D)) I think the Wonder Woman trailer in the summer ranks pretty highly though, I flipped my shit fairly epically about that.

Oh no. Oh wait. (This is how sleep deprived I am writing this.) How could I say anything else? So I never told this story on DW, just on Twitter, but I went to the US for two very dear friends' wedding (to each other) this summer and while in NYC I tried my darndest to go see Hamilton AND SUCCEEDED. So THAT WAS PROBABLY IT REALLY. (I also saw Fun Home and Colour Purple, which lacked the ridiculousness of my Hamilton tale, but were still incredible.)

11. The most missed of your old fandoms?

I dunno, actually. Which is probably good. I do like [personal profile] netgirl_y2k's answer about missing Terry Pratchett's voice this year of all years though.

12. The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

I'm very happy with Mass Effect, thank you. ;D (Mind you, [personal profile] carawj is flirting with Critical Role, so given I'm still reeling from the last time she jumped into a new fandom, maybe that? I guess there's also Dragon Age.

Also it has now been like 8 years since [personal profile] cosmic_llin and I became friends (to the day on Facebook even!) and for 7 of those years she's been trying to get me to watch Voyager, so like, this is just mean at this point. Why am I even like this. We just don't know. And I even know I'm totally cutting off my own nose to spite my face, AND YET.

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

OK, so I basically filled this thing in for a) Mass Effect yelling but b) NEXT YEAR IS THE WONDER WOMAN MOVIE AND I A LITTLE BIT FORGOT TILL I READ [personal profile] netgirl_y2k's ANSWER. SERIOUSLY SELF PRESERVATION MEANS I FORGET THIS FROM TIME TO TIME AND OH MY GOD. Like. I can't help it, every trailer and image I've seen, every interview I've read just ramps my expectations up further, I did, at some distant point, try to keep them low, but BOY THAT SHIP HAS SAILED SO DAMN FAR, I THINK IT MIGHT HAVE LIKE, BECOME SPACE-WORTHY AND BE ON ITS WAY TO ANOTHER SOLAR SYSTEM.
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2016-11-13 01:29 pm

Vid: What About Everything (MCU)

Song: What About Everything, by Carbon Leaf
Vidders: [personal profile] shinyjenni and [personal profile] silly_cleo
Fandom: MCU
Size: 163MB
Download: HERE
Summary: "I am not in need."
Content notes: Some fast cuts and bright flashes, some violence.
Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] cosmic_llin and [personal profile] purplefringe for the beta, and [personal profile] sol_se for Agents of Shield help!

MCU - What About Everything - shinyjenni and silly cleo from silly_cleo on Vimeo.

(password: moonandstars)

Lyrics )
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2016-07-03 10:48 pm
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Vidukon 2016 Premiere

Slightly belated, but in my defence, my mother came to stay, and then British politics has been kind of...on fire. Which, obv decide for yourselves, but for myself, for many reasons, I made a good vid for right now.

Song: Read All About it, Pt III, Emeli Sandé
Fandom: Pride (2014), Rent (2005)
Length: 04:43
Size: 168MB
Download: HERE
Crosspost: On Tumblr
Summary: "There's no need to be afraid, I will sing with you, my friend."
Content notes: None really, just a note along the lines of the content of both films.
Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] carawj and [personal profile] cosmic_llin for cheerleading as ever, and beta-ing. Also thank you to [personal profile] settiai for a lovely HQ version of Rent when I was struggling to find one, and [personal profile] anoel for cheerleading and a quick beta!!

Also I was almost not going to make a Premiere this year, I'd been too busy with the last term at Irreverent Dance, but I found myself so sad and angry about that, and I'd had this idea for a while, it suddenly felt like what I wanted to do with my feelings. For context, I know this song through ID, it featured in the showcase before I found them, and one of my favourite things I've ever danced was to another song by the same artist.

And then Orlando happened while we were there, the day after, and then British politics has been...quite so on fire, and this is the answer I have, really.

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2016-04-25 10:04 am
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"It's only a matter of time."

Emo grief times. )

I'm going to quit with this for now cuz I'm nominally at work and even though I am in an empty office by myself at the moment, half-crying on your 3rd day is not a good look. (I have a new job, it's fine but weird, it's temporary, I'm taking it very seriously as you can see. *rolls eyes*)
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2016-02-19 12:28 pm
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"Only time and tears can take away grief. That is what they are for."

I feel like all I ever use DW for anymore is whining, but I really think writing this out will help me get it out of my head, so here I am.

CW for animal/pet death. )
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2016-02-13 03:47 pm
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2015 Festivid! Vid: Closer to Me (Fly Away Home)

Song: Closer to Me, Dar Williams
Fandom: Fly Away Home
Length: 03:42
Size: 133MB
Download: HERE
Summary: What can you do with a day?
Content notes: None really, deals with grief and parental loss, but in same way as film.
Notes: Huge thanks to [personal profile] carawj, [personal profile] cosmic_llin and [personal profile] shinyjenni as ever for beta-ing and cheerleading! <3

I had so much fun making this, actually, from working out the song, to re-watching and re-falling in love with the movie (I loved it as a kid and have re-visited it semi-regularly as an adult), even clipping. And then making the vid itself work how I wanted was tricky at times (ask me about vidding Dar Williams sometimes, it's a weird but fun experience ;)) but I was so pleased with how it turned out. <3 I'm so so glad I matched on this! :D
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2015-11-09 01:49 pm

Dentistry Woes

Two posts in the space of a month! Gosh! ;D But anyway I do have reason.

Tooth/dentistry woes. CN for that if it freaks you out, though I've skated over details. )