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Just so we're clear, I don't actually think of it that way, but I was rather boggled yesterday and so that's how I referred to it. (I spent the afternoon at Cara and Cathryn's, basically boggling.) I think tattoos are gorgeous and as of yesterday, I HAVE ONE. O.o

I've put photos up on twitter, facebook and tumblr, so if you follow me on any of those, you'll have probably seen already. (Here is the Tumblr post, if you have not, and are so inclined.) (Also if you wish to follow me on other social media platforms, do feel free!)

The tattoo is on my left collarbone/breast, and it's of the raven from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. This seems like the right place to say I got it for Alex, a dear friend of mine who, as some of you know, died of cancer 5 years ago. This is the tattoo she talked about getting, and I've felt for some time I'd like to get it for her, as something (else) to remember her by. As I turn 30 this year, which is incidentally how old she was when she died, it felt like the right time too.

It was not as painful as I expected at the time, but as a trade, the aftercare is grosser than I'd given thought to. (I've been describing it as feeling like the descriptions of 'I Must Not Tell Lies' from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Also, where I got it done it was less painful than threading my upper lip, but went on for longer, and I expect that would vary from person to person, and area to area. Also, I've had lots of waxing, threading, and laser hair removal done over the years, so that helped in terms of what to expect, pain-wise. I found looking at it made it seem more painful. The weirdest part was undoubtedly how much it felt like drawing. Like when the artist was filling it in they were literally drawing in circles the way you would to fill something in with a biro or pencil.)

I have ideas for a few more, but am in no rush to implement them, partly due to gross. (It's healing fine, I'm just a wuss.)

I already love it to bits though, it's slightly unreasonable how much. <3


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