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If you follow me on other sites (and if you don't and want to, you should! I'm silly_cleo on twitter and tumblr too) you may have noticed I've been promoting this Kickstarter rather heavily.

This is my dance studio. You can read more about what they're about here and if you are London-based and free on Sunday, you could come see me dance with them? :D

I only joined in August, but I already love the community so much. I love that they're founded on the premise that dance is for everyone, that they've created a lovely, loving queer community around dance, and that they're so focused on making that a safe space. They're trying to raise enough money to buy and fit out their own studio. The Kickstarter is doing really well, they've raised nearly 80% at time of writing and they have till Wednesday 12th November to raise the remaining ~£6,000.

I'd like to offer drabbles (min 100 words but as much as I can scrape together) and short podfics of the fic (or story) of your choice (say to a max of ~1200 words) in exchange for pledges. You can give as much or as little as you like, just come tell me you've done so and let me know what fandom and pairing or prompt or character(s) you'd like! (ETA: Would prefer fanfic but happy to do original work if you like!) (If you have already pledged, as I know at least 7/8 of you have, feel free to go ahead and ask for a drabble or podfic after the fact. :D) Please keep it to fandoms I know! I'll let you know if I can't write something and ask you to suggest alternatives if I need to. (I think this will be less of an issue for podfic but again, I'll let you know.)

I know the word counts are low, but I'm trying to be realistic about what I'll actually manage to give you in a timely fashion! Feel free to make low pledges in exchange, every little helps! :D

Also I always have mixed feelings about fanworks for money but I always feel a bit differently if it's fundraising. I've read a lot of good arguments making various different points. If you feel similarly you are of course welcome to donate without requesting a fanwork/story!


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